Facebook Testing Reaction and Dislike Button For Messenger

Facebook has been constantly working on newer developments recently.  It seems like it is on introducing spree as it has been back to back introducing new developments and features not just for the website, but also for its messenger app.

Not so recently Facebook has introduced Reactions button to Facebook instead of just like and dislike.  The reactions button became quite famous as soon as it has been launched.  Now, it is working towards launching the same reactions button for its Messenger.

The reactions button is soon going to mark its arrival onto Messenger.  Apps geek is The feature is now already available for a couple of users, but as per the sources, the feature is still under testing phase because of which it is only available for few users.

The reactions feature will soon make its way into the Messenger app.  Facebook has not made any official statement about this new reactions button on Messenger.  It is a TechCrunch reader who found this new feature of reactions button and let the world know about it.

Facebook Tests Dislike and Reaction Button for Messenger

According to the reader, the button that appeared on the Messenger for few users worked similar to its Facebook counterpart.  By tapping or holding the reactions button, users can see various reactions and can choose one from them by tapping on them once.

On choosing the tapping a particular reaction, it will be visible to everyone on the chat thread, let that be a group or a one-on-one chat.  Also, there comes a reaction counter against each message.  The user can give a counter-reply to the other user who used the reaction button to express his/her feeling in that particular chat.

Another addition to this reactions button is that it comes incorporated with dislike button as well.  This is the first time that a dislike button has been added as a feature.

When asked about the same, Facebook told TechCrunch that it is always testing new ways to make Messenger fun and engaging, implying that it is a new feature and that it is still under testing.


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